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LDRS – T-28 Days!

What’s it like at TCC?

We’re 28 days from launch! Staff media expert Nathan Montalvo made this video to get you ready!

On-line Registration Deadline Approaching Fast!

Last day for on-line registration will be April 21st (this Saturday) and has already been extended. Make sure you sign up before then to avoid the extra $10 cost for on-site registration during the launch, people who sign up online will get their own personalized Duracard(TM) badge. After April 21st, the LDRS store will be offl-ine and you’ll pick up your order at the registration booth on Wednesday or throughout the launch and bu T-Shirts, Hats, stickers, etc.

Updated Site Map

LDRS starts Wednesday morning at 9am. Monday and Tuesday we will be setting up the range and launch site; if you signed up for range setup you will get a separate email with details in the weeks ahead. Be sure to check out the updated parking and range map online. Parking is first-come/first-serve however the range will not be open until Wednesday AM. If you have special travel arrangements or space requirements be sure to email [email protected]

Certification Support

If you are a prefect or TAP and have a few hours to spare during the launch; we could use your help for certification – please sign up for certification support below or on the range-duty page (just show up at the certification tent during the launch).

[sign_up_sheet ID=’11’]

Banquet Dinner

We have 93 people registered for the Banquet dinner at Harris Ranch!

Main courses

  • Steak:79
  • Chicken:15
  • Vegetarian:2


  • Chocolate Mousse:52
  • Strawberry Shortcake:44


  • Sauteed Mushrooms:29
  • None:14
  • Bleu Cheese Glaciage:10
  • Bearnaise Sauce:8
  • Barbeque Sauce:8
  • Merlot Sauce:8
  • Port Wine:6
  • Marsala:6
  • Butter:4
  • Picatta Sauce:2
  • Lemon Herb:2
  • Alfredo:2

Salad Dressings

  • Ranch:55
  • Basil Vinaigrette:36

If you did not order your banquet dinner before it was sold out, we will have some extra tickets you can purchase at the registration booth – but this will be first-come/first-serve.

Raffle Prizes

Through the gracious generosity of our sponsors – LDRS37 has amassed thousands of dollars $$$ worth of raffle prizes – rockets, electronics, recovery gear, motors – be sure to purchase raffle tickets at the Registration booth. We will have raffle prizes every day!


Stay tuned for more important details and updates in the weeks ahead, and get your rockets ready!



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  1. I can help out with NAR and TRA Certs L1 through L3. Ready to Rocket!

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