Event Information

Tripoli Central California invites you to join us for LDRS 37!

LDRS is the premier annual rocketry event for the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA). For 2018, LDRS 37 will be hosted by Tripoli Central California (TCC) at the Maddox Dairy Farms in Central California.

The Maddox Dairy Farm launch site provides over 20 square miles of flat, open, agricultural land for recovery. The Central California weather is (almost always!) good for flying. Our waiver is 17,000 feet MSL (16,800 feet AGL). We can fly individual motors up to a maximum impulse of M and complex rockets with a combined total impulse of up to N. And TCC offers some of the best high-power launch equipment anywhere, including an away cell capable of launching rockets in excess of 250 pounds!

Excellent rocketry vendors will be on site. We have arranged for a first-rate restaurant to host the TRA Banquet on Friday, May 18. And you won’t want to miss the night launch and live band on Saturday, May 19 as well as other special events throughout the week. Come join us for 5 days of launches from May 16 through May 20!

Online registration and store is now closed,  however, you can purchase everything found on this site at the launch.

NOTE: there will be a limited number of additional banquet dinners available for on-site purchase, so arrive at open on Wednesday at the registration booth to purchase – first come first serve!