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LDRS T-1 Day! – Setup Day1

Launch update

Special thanks to everyone who showed up today for setup, we got the entire site mapped out from GPS on the website,  setup parking and began setup of the pad areas and LCO, Registration and Certification areas.

Tomorrow we should finish setup by the afternoon and be ready to start Wednesday at 9am. Please check into the registration area when you arrivedto get your registration package. As a side note – the weather is gorgeous!


Frequency Plan Update

The LDRS Frequency plan has been finalized on-line; for any last minute additions, please visit the registration area for reserving your frequencies (whether it be and Eggfinder or HAM radio). The most current copy will be kept at the registration area.

Parking Map Update

The parking map has been improved for access and some slight access improvements have been made, the final update has been made – if you’re in need of assistance please visit the registration booth. See here for the latest parking map.

Onsite Services

We have 8 Double-Wide Porta-potties (16 total) spread down the main access road for 2000′. Washbasins are included and they will be serviced during the launch. We have added a dumpster for all trash at the West side entrance for registered fliers and a complementary trash-bag is included in your registration package. STAR Sanitation will be available Thursday and on demand for Trailer servicing or contact Amador 559-554-8591 for the LDRS RV special ($65 service including up to 15 gallons of water).

Harris Ranch Banquet

The Harris Ranch banquet and site map is online off the Launch Site page, this map will show the locations on site for the banquet dinner and TRA meeting. Stay tuned for some important updates later this week.

Aerotech Cross-Load Info

Here is a list of Aerotech reloads for CTI pro 75 and pro 98 hardware. Also some important details and new product announcements we may see at LDRS – stay tuned!

LDRS Hump Day Special

Madcow Rocketry has done it again – Madcow Rocketry is celebrating LDRS with a Hump Day Happy Hour Sale! The new 4″ Nike Tomahawk will go on sale at 4PM 05/16/18 (First Day of LDRS). Be sure to order your kit first thing in the morning – this will be a one of a kind kit, like the Avalanche a high quality construction with a special $159 price ($289 normal list price). Visit here for details!