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LDRS37 Crayon Competition

The LDRS37 Crayon Rocket Competition

Photo: John Coker

Fly your Crayon rocket to the limit and try to win in each of the 3 drag categories.

Competition Rules

Winner in each category

  • First off the Pad
  • Lowest Altitude
  • Last to Land

3 Heats

  • Heat 1 – Fliers 1-8
  • Heat 2 – Fliers 9-16
  • Heat 3 – Fliers 17-24

Winners in each category


H motors only (29 or 38mm)

Kit Details

The 38mm kit can be ordered from Discount Rocketry and you can purchase the 29mm kit from Bay Area Rocketry.
You will still need to buy the Crayon “Bank” itself from Toys R Us, it is 36″ tall and 4″ diameter – other suppliers like Michaels and Hobby Lobby or Amazon stock the “Crayon Coin Bank” (airframe) as well. For more information, see John Coker’s Crayon Rocket page.


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2 thoughts on “LDRS37 Crayon Competition

  1. Can I fly my double crayon? Two crayon tubes?

    1. As long as the total impulse of the rocket is in the H range… 🙂

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