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LDRS37 – Day 3 – Bay Area Rocketry Specials!

SPECIAL: All green loads (CTI and Aerotech) from 54mm and below are 15% off for the day!

Make sure to come over to Bay Area Rocketry and check out the new selection of Madcow kits, including the one of a kind BAR-None rocket kit – special LDRS edition – single deploy is $69.99, full equipped dual deployed (AV-Bay with Payload section, sled, all hardware – all fiberglass $79.95). Upgrade to full kit with all options for $119.00 (5:1 Von-Karman) and with the payload section for only $195!

Also available is the Nike Tomahawk 2-Stage (all glass) for $159, the Osprey 75,  and the Blue Iguana!



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LDRS37 – Day 2 – Wildman Specials

Wildman Rocketry has the following awesome discounts available throughout LDRS!

  • 3 Inch Darkstar
    • REG PRICE $199.99 SALE PRICE $150
  • Demon 98
    • REG PRICE $279.99 SALE PRICE $180.00
  • AMRAAM-5
    • REG PRICE $499.99 SALE PRICE $359.00
  • GOBLIN-5
    • REG PRICE $299.00 SALE PRICD $239.00
    • REG PRICE $499.00 SALE PRICED $359.00
  • DRAGO 4
    • REG PRICE $189.99 SALE PRICE $140.00
  • ALL GLUE – 25% OFF
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LDRS update – Day 1

Friday Banquet TRA Presentation – “Rocket Dreams: from the field to the moon and beyond.”

Steve Jurvetson will share visuals and stories of his rocketry enthusiasm, from his Apollo era space collection at work to his investments in Planet and SpaceX.

LDRS Banquet Dinner Raffle Prize

Aerotech has made a limited edition, one of a kind, LDRS37 special 98/10240 case available for the Banquet dinner door prize … be sure to drop your dinner banquet cards into the raffle drawing box once you receive them — drawing to be made after Steve’s presentation.


LDRS Day 1 Launch Update

We had over over 100 flights today! Two of todays large vehicles below; more to follow this week!




Launch Site

We had a lot of folks coming in today, almost all of our vendors are on site!


Rockets Magazine Onsite!

If you have stories or news articles, please visit Robert Utley on site (at the Rockets Magazine base camp – see map).


Madcow Nike Tomahawk LDRS Special!

NOTE: previous post had a typo – the price is $159 FOR ALL VENDORS.

Madcow Rocketry has delivered 10 kits at the discounted price of $159 available at on site vendors. Only 10 available, make sure to show up at AMW or Bay Area Rocketry tomorrow at 9am.

4" Fiberglass Nike-Tomahawk

Raffle Prizes

We have thousands of dollars in raffle prizes … be sure to goto the registration booth first thing tomorrow to purchase tickets; Drawings will be done on Saturday!




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LDRS T-1 Day! – Setup Day1

Launch update

Special thanks to everyone who showed up today for setup, we got the entire site mapped out from GPS on the website,  setup parking and began setup of the pad areas and LCO, Registration and Certification areas.

Tomorrow we should finish setup by the afternoon and be ready to start Wednesday at 9am. Please check into the registration area when you arrivedto get your registration package. As a side note – the weather is gorgeous!


Frequency Plan Update

The LDRS Frequency plan has been finalized on-line; for any last minute additions, please visit the registration area for reserving your frequencies (whether it be and Eggfinder or HAM radio). The most current copy will be kept at the registration area.

Parking Map Update

The parking map has been improved for access and some slight access improvements have been made, the final update has been made – if you’re in need of assistance please visit the registration booth. See here for the latest parking map.

Onsite Services

We have 8 Double-Wide Porta-potties (16 total) spread down the main access road for 2000′. Washbasins are included and they will be serviced during the launch. We have added a dumpster for all trash at the West side entrance for registered fliers and a complementary trash-bag is included in your registration package. STAR Sanitation will be available Thursday and on demand for Trailer servicing or contact Amador 559-554-8591 for the LDRS RV special ($65 service including up to 15 gallons of water).

Harris Ranch Banquet

The Harris Ranch banquet and site map is online off the Launch Site page, this map will show the locations on site for the banquet dinner and TRA meeting. Stay tuned for some important updates later this week.

Aerotech Cross-Load Info

Here is a list of Aerotech reloads for CTI pro 75 and pro 98 hardware. Also some important details and new product announcements we may see at LDRS – stay tuned!

LDRS Hump Day Special

Madcow Rocketry has done it again – Madcow Rocketry is celebrating LDRS with a Hump Day Happy Hour Sale! The new 4″ Nike Tomahawk will go on sale at 4PM 05/16/18 (First Day of LDRS). Be sure to order your kit first thing in the morning – this will be a one of a kind kit, like the Avalanche a high quality construction with a special $159 price ($289 normal list price). Visit here for details!



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LDRS – T-7 Days!

We’re 7 days from LDRS! Some notes and updates before the launch and before you plan your travel …

Blackrock Bistro

Blackrock Bistro will be serving through LDRS, come in and get breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day. See the online menu for details.

Raffle Prizes

When you check in at registration; be sure to purchase raffle tickets ;we have thousands of dollars of high-quality rocketry prizes! We also have prizes for the kids as well! We also have the LDRS Poker contest and LOC Magnum competition so there will be fun and prizes for everyone who participates.

Updated Maps and Waypoints

Mike Smith has updated the Area map and also some key waypoints close to the launch site in the Greater Fresno area. Be sure to visit the links above for details; note that these maps will be in your registration packets but the online links are good to familiarize yourself with the area.


Thanks and more in the days ahead …. !

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A Message from the Prefect and President

To: All Certifying Fliers coming to LDRS 37

From: TCC Prefect Bruce Rohn and President James Dougherty


We are pleased to host you at our first ever LDRS event! We hope you enjoy your flight experiences during your time with us. To assist us in helping you complete your certification success, we have a few suggestions to pass onto you.

Documentation- All supporting documentation that you bring with you to the Launch will really help us. When you became Tripoli members, unless it was very recently, you should have received your Tripoli Membership Handbook. Inside the Handbook at the front will be your Tripoli Rocketry Association Member Certification Form. This will have your TRA Number, your name and address and it will have spaces for the Prefect to fill out when you successfully certify for all Levels 1 to 3, including when you pass your Level 2 written exam. This shows your past cert activity. Your current Tripoli Membership Card will have your current Certification Status, even if it is Level “0”. If you became a Tripoli Member recently, then a copy of an email showing membership payment to Tripoli will suffice (even is you have no Membership Number assigned). Please also bring any proof that you already passed your Level 2 exam, so we won’t have to make you take it again at our Launch before we let you attempt your Level 2 cert flight.

Certification Requirements – You will be expected to know what the certification requirements are when attending our Launches. You can find these requirements at the Tripoli rocketry Association Website, and our Tripoli Central California Website. In addition, our president James Dougherty will conduct Fliers Meetings at the beginning of the Launch. These meetings are mandatory. At these meetings we will review Safety Code Rules to follow and particular things to keep in mind regarding the property on which we Launch.

You can always come to the Prefect/Certification Tent to ask questions and get information about Certification.

A word about Recovery Systems used – Whatever approved recovery system you use for your certification flight, our policy is that the entire recovery system must work as designed. This means if electronics are to be used to deploy the parachute, then it must work as designed. If you are using Dual Deployment as the recovery system for you Certification Flight, then both the Drogue and the Main must deploy for successful certification. This is a safety issue! Rockets descending fast because the drogue failed to open, even if the main deployed, can be a danger to persons or property when striking the ground. Cert flights where one component of the recovery system failed to work, even if the rocket is recovered intact, will not be certified.

Presentation of your rocket– We want to inspect your rocket for your certification flight, both before your flight to ensure it can fly safely, and after the flight to ensure it did not sustain excessive damage that would make it unsafe to fly again. We make every attempt to watch the rocket all during its flight, in the case it cannot be recovered from loss, to ensure it stayed together and intact during its flight.

Thank you all for your great support and see you at LDRS!

Bruce Brohn, Prefect

James Dougherty, President




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AMW/PROX – LOC-1 Magnum Event


Animal Motor Works has just found out about a new LOC kit series, “LOC 1 SERIES”, that are 1” diameter and fly on Estes engines. Well we want to promote the first one off the line.


 To welcome it in we are going to have a contest. With contest starting Thursday morning.

$20 for the kit, engine & glue.

Be the first one to bring your kit to us after you have built and flown it and win a new kit. With special prizes for 2nd & 3rd.

Also all in stock LOC Kits & Components 20% off. Excluding LOC 1 SERIES kits.

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AMW/PROX – LDRS Special Events and new products!

LDRS Poker Contest

There are 5 participating vendors who have donated to this contest. With the purchase of an item from each of these vendors the first 50 fliers will receive a playing card. To prevent swapping of cards amongst fliers the cards will be dated and signed by the flier and vendor. Collect all 5 cards for that date from each of the 5 vendors. At the fliers meeting, the next morning, the flier with the highest poker hand will receive a prize from the pool of donations! In the event of a tie the fliers will draw a card from a deck and high card wins. Save your cards from the weekend and the person who has collected all days that can make the largest hand from his cards wins a special prize!!


We will be bringing along the newest member of the Zoo – “ The Scalded Tiger “

We will also have the New Baby Red Max, a cute 2.2” diameter fiberglass kit.

And for those who prefer “Cardboard Kits” we have brought out a 4in Red Max with 0.25 plywood fins.

Cannot make NSL? Then pick up your commemorative NSL Kit at LDRS for the special price of $39.95 WOW!!

Also be sure to stop by early and pickup your White Thunder and C-Star motors from CTI while they last. THEY’RE BACK!!