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LDRS – T-7 Days!

We’re 7 days from LDRS! Some notes and updates before the launch and before you plan your travel …

Blackrock Bistro

Blackrock Bistro will be serving through LDRS, come in and get breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day. See the online menu for details.

Raffle Prizes

When you check in at registration; be sure to purchase raffle tickets ;we have thousands of dollars of high-quality rocketry prizes! We also have prizes for the kids as well! We also have the LDRS Poker contest and LOC Magnum competition so there will be fun and prizes for everyone who participates.

Updated Maps and Waypoints

Mike Smith has updated the Area map and also some key waypoints close to the launch site in the Greater Fresno area. Be sure to visit the links above for details; note that these maps will be in your registration packets but the online links are good to familiarize yourself with the area.


Thanks and more in the days ahead …. !