Planning your Trip to LDRS37

LDRS 37 will be one of the top rocketry events of 2018. Make the most of it by planning your trip early!

  1. Decide which days you will attend. See the Event Schedule
  2. Learn about the launch site, facilities, and launch equipment, and find directions. See Launch Site.
  3. Find a place to stay or plan to camp onsite. See Accommodations. (We highly recommend staying at Harris Ranch. It’s close to the launch, features nice accommodations, has a good restaurant and bar, and is the host of the TRA Banquet dinner. When booking reservations at Harris Ranch, use discount code 2T64XS under “TRIPOLI CENTRAL CALIFORNIA“.
  4. Pre-register for the event, reserve your spot at the banquet, and buy a shirt or sticker. See Registration to learn about registration and check-in procedures, and see Store to register and make online purchases.
  5. Plan any purchases required for your launch activities and make any pre-orders to pick up on site. See Vendors.
  6. Sign up for Range Duty if you have a Level 2 certification and have some time to help. See Range Duty. (The launch runs on volunteers, so if you can help out, it will be greatly appreciated!)
  7. Review the rules for a safe and fun launch. See Fliers & Spectators
  8. Get excited for LDRS! Build those rockets! And invite your friends!