Registration is required for every adult who is going to fly rockets or assist a child with flying rockets. All attendees must check in at the registration desk. The last day to register online will be 04/22/18sign up now!

Fliers Must Register

All people flying High-Power Rockets or assisting at the high-power pads must register for the event. This includes Tripoli/NAR Junior Level -1 flyers age 12-17 (either certified or planning to certify Level -1).

All adults flying Model Rockets or assisting children who are flying Model Rockets must also register.

You will receive a badge at the registration booth, and your badge will be required in order access the range when the LCO allows.

In order to register for the event and fly rockets, you must be a current Tripoli or NAR member. If you are not currently a Tripoli or NAR member, sign up for Tripoli membership or sign up for NAR membership.

Save money and save time by pre-registering for the event here. Pre-registration costs $50 via PayPal or you can register in person at the event for $60 (cash only). We also recommend the banquet dinner (it is at Harris Ranch) along with  your T-Shirt(s).

Your badge will be auto-generated before the event from the information you fill out when you register and complete your order on this site. To review your Badge information or update it once registered, visit here.

NOTE: If ordering multiple registrations at once, make sure you log-out first so that each users information is captured (e.g. their TRA Cert level and membership number).

Children Flying Model Rockets Launch For Free!

Children under the age of 18 who are only flying Model Rockets do not need to register, but they must be supervised by a registered flier and must be accompanied by a registered flier at all times. If the child’s accompanying adult is not a registered flier, the adult may coordinate with a registered flier or TCC staff member to fly Model Rockets with the child.

Note: Model Rockets are rockets that are less that 3.3 pounds in weight and are being flown on motors with less than 80 Newtons average thrust, less than 160 Newton-seconds of impulse (G motor or smaller), and less than 125 grams of propellant. These are rockets similar to Estes model rockets and other types of rockets that are not defined as High-Power Rockets. If you have a question about whether your rocket is a Model Rocket or not, ask a staff member.

Spectators Watch For Free!

Spectators who are not flying rockets, assisting at the pads, or accessing the range may attend the launch for free and are not required to pay to register.

Check-In Procedure

When first arriving on site, all attendees must go to the registration table to check in. Attendees must read and sign the waiver book. This includes waivers for children under 18, which must be signed by their parents.

When you check in, you will receive the event schedule, rules, badge to access the range, lanyard, and some flight cards to get you started. (More flight cards are available at the range head).

If You Pre-Registered

If you pre-registered on-line before March 31, 2018, simply show your current Tripoli or NAR membership card at the registration table and pick up your registration package. The package will include your pre-printed badge, lanyard, pre-ordered banquet dinner tickets, T-shirts, stickers, etc. This is the fast, easy, money-saving way to do it. Pre-register for the event and make your purchases in advance here.

Walk-Up Registration

If you did not pre-register, you can register on site at the registration table. The on-site registration fee is $60 (cash only). You must show your current Tripoli or NAR membership card and pay the fee in order to register. You will receive your badge, which you can write your name on, and a lanyard.

Additional Purchases at Onsite Registration

While at the registration table, you can also purchase banquet tickets, T-shirts, stickers, etc if they are still available. The registration table only accepts cash. To guarantee your get your LDRS items, use PayPal or a credit card to purchase online before the event.

Range Duty

If you are certified Level 2 or higher and can spare an hour or two, you can sign up for range duty. The event runs on volunteers so any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

After Check-In, Go Fly!

Once you are checked in, you can go set up your base camp and start prepping your rockets to fly! Fill out a flight card for each flight. Take your badge, your flight card, and your rocket to the range head for a pad assignment from an RSO. Your badge gives you to access to the range when the LCO allows.