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LDRS37 – Day 3 – Bay Area Rocketry Specials!

SPECIAL: All green loads (CTI and Aerotech) from 54mm and below are 15% off for the day!

Make sure to come over to Bay Area Rocketry and check out the new selection of Madcow kits, including the one of a kind BAR-None rocket kit – special LDRS edition – single deploy is $69.99, full equipped dual deployed (AV-Bay with Payload section, sled, all hardware – all fiberglass $79.95). Upgrade to full kit with all options for $119.00 (5:1 Von-Karman) and with the payload section for only $195!

Also available is the Nike Tomahawk 2-Stage (all glass) for $159, the Osprey 75,  and the Blue Iguana!