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Fruity Chutes 3Kn200 Contest at LDRS


This contest is sponsored by Fruity Chutes and is like a TARC competition for big rockets. The contest requires the flyer to send a rocket containing a 12oz unopened beverage can up to and as close to 3000 feet as possible. Beverage can be pop, beer, etc. Just unopened. And to make it more interesting the total flight time from lift off to landing must be as close to 200 seconds as possible. For scoring each flight gets one point for each foot over or under 3000 feet, and gets 10 point for each second over or under 200 seconds.

If the 12 oz beverage is damaged and leaking, or the rocket is not flyable the flight is disqualified. Each flyer can make up to two attempts and the better of the two attempts will be counted. The flyer with the overall lowest score wins first, then second and then third. First place winner gets a $150 gift cert with Fruity Chutes, second place winner gets a $75 gift cert with Fruity Chutes, and third place winner gets a $50 gift cert with Fruity Chutes!

The scoring will be done first thing Sunday morning and the winners can immediately redeemed at the launch for product, or can be used later for webstore purchase!  You do not need to be present Sunday to win!

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2 thoughts on “Fruity Chutes 3Kn200 Contest at LDRS

  1. So do we just fly it when ever? And report to?? Do we need a witness or just a pre/post flight inspection?

    1. yes, that’s the idea – and on Sunday report to Gene. Yes, you’ll probably want to use a stop-watch and ask Gene or others to witness!

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