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AMW/PROX – LDRS Special Events and new products!

LDRS Poker Contest

There are 5 participating vendors who have donated to this contest. With the purchase of an item from each of these vendors the first 50 fliers will receive a playing card. To prevent swapping of cards amongst fliers the cards will be dated and signed by the flier and vendor. Collect all 5 cards for that date from each of the 5 vendors. At the fliers meeting, the next morning, the flier with the highest poker hand will receive a prize from the pool of donations! In the event of a tie the fliers will draw a card from a deck and high card wins. Save your cards from the weekend and the person who has collected all days that can make the largest hand from his cards wins a special prize!!


We will be bringing along the newest member of the Zoo – “ The Scalded Tiger “

We will also have the New Baby Red Max, a cute 2.2” diameter fiberglass kit.

And for those who prefer “Cardboard Kits” we have brought out a 4in Red Max with 0.25 plywood fins.

Cannot make NSL? Then pick up your commemorative NSL Kit at LDRS for the special price of $39.95 WOW!!

Also be sure to stop by early and pickup your White Thunder and C-Star motors from CTI while they last. THEY’RE BACK!!