About LDRS37

Nestled in the heartland of Central California, LDRS 37 will be hosted by Tripoli Central California (TCC); Tripoli Central California launches monthly at Maddox Dairy Farms. LDRS is the main annual event for the Tripoli Rocketry Association

LDRS 37 Organizing Committee

  • Launch Director: James Dougherty
  • Assistant Launch Director: Rod Lovley
  • Assistant Launch Director: James Franco
  • Low/Mid Power Launch Director: Jim Norton
  • Range Coordinator: Aaron Hagadorn
  • Special Projects Director(s): Richard King, Gerald Meux
  • Event and Vendor Coordinator: Mike Smith
  • High Power Certification Director(s):Bruce Rohn, Gary Walker
  • Registration Coordinator: Steve Sawyer
  • Equipment Manager: Greg Morgan
  • Safety Coordinator: Paul Avery
  • Press/Media: Nathan Montalvo, Heidi Montalvo, Ben Sandoval
  • Website: James Dougherty, Eric Renger