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LDRS37 Avalanche Competition

LDRS37 Avalanche Competition

If you ordered the kit already, you should get it this week or next. The build should be simple, the question is – are you ready for it? – The LDRS37 Avalanche competition !!!

Competition Rules

  • Mad Cow Avalanche Kit (special limited time offer of $99.99!)
  • Any 54mm/75mm motor you can fit in the rocket (subject to the waiver)
  • Up to 16 FLIERS (2 Heats of Eight) (we may extend depending on interest)
  • Up to Two Winners (1 per heat)


Up to 100 points, in each of the categories below.

  • LDRS37 Decal – 5 pts
  • Most beautiful rocket – 5 pts
  • First off the pad – 30 pts
  • First on the ground – 20 pts
  • Highest Altitude – 20 pts
  • Shortest recovery distance – 20pts

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Simulation Files


Flight Constraints

You will need to have at least 4 oz of mass in the nosecone and 5 oz of mass in the avionics bay to achieve good stability margins. The CP is located 37.8″ from the nosecone tip and with a K185, a flight to 11k’ AGL is possible without stressing the rocket too much.

In order to fly above Mach 1.27 special considerations need to be made (see below), nominal flights can be had with J245, J315R with minimal stress to the vehicle if properly built.

The K250 and L motors will be prudently reviewed before flight is attempted, especially 75mm variants. Those which have a loaded weight < 10lbs will not be allowed to fly.

Nominal weight of the rocket is 5.8-6lbs.


Flight Requirements

The AeroRocket AeroFinSim 4.5  Fin Flutter and Stress Analysis program was run with the Avalanche kit parameters. Critical information is that the “default kit build” will only support flight velocities up to 1409 ft/sec (Mach 1.2727) at the TCC Launch site (Sea Level). Adding 1/32″ lamination (tip-to-tip), if properly performed will allow flight velocities up to 2570 ft/sec (Mach 2.336).  5/32″ fin fillets are recommended to increase bond strength.




3 thoughts on “LDRS37 Avalanche Competition

  1. THANKS for moving this to Saturday!!! Yeah!

    Wait, is this an April Fool’s joke??


    1. No April fools! Saturday it is!

  2. I wanted to report my final weight of the Avalanche. With no motor or case it is 2624g or 92.55oz or 5 lb 12.5 oz. CG is at 28″ from the nose cone tip.

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